Real Estate Career Opportunities Without License

Real Estate Jobs Without License

Real estate professionals can find a variety of career opportunities. While some positions like mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys and property appraisers require a license, other jobs in the industry do not.

Some of these career paths include property management, marketing and title insurance. To learn more about these opportunities and how to get started, visit McKissock Learning.

Real Estate Assistant

Assisting licensed real estate professionals can be a great way to get into the industry without a license. As long as the assistant has written permission from a broker or licensee to engage in specific activities, such as gathering information about property from public records and MLS listings, they can save the licensed professional a lot of time by doing these tasks for them.

This is one of the best ways to get an entry-level job in the real estate industry since it is often done on an hourly basis. Whether working for a brokerage or a house flipper, this role helps to build the necessary skills to move into other, more advanced roles within the field.

This role focuses on helping to set up marketing materials at properties, passing out paperwork, and answering questions from potential buyers during open houses. However, this job does not involve discussing the sale of a property with clients and must be performed only with the permission of a licensed broker or agent.

Leasing Agent

As the name implies, a leasing agent is responsible for finding and signing new leases. Leasing agents are often employed by property management companies or a specialized real estate broker who has ventured into the rental market. They can be full- or part-time and are usually paid on a commission basis.

They are tasked with helping tenants find apartments, condos, houses, duplexes and triple-deckers to rent in their market. As a result, they must be proficient at salesmanship and customer service skills, as well as have a good understanding of real estate laws and marketing.

Leasing agents also need to have strong computer skills for their job, as they are required to type and use different software programs for creating marketing materials and leasing contacts. They may also need to know how to navigate property management software for screening prospective tenants and managing operational needs like maintenance and renovations. It is also common for a leasing agent to be tasked with marketing properties on social media and websites.

Marketing Assistant

If you have a strong marketing background, working as a real estate marketing assistant can be an excellent career path for you. These professionals facilitate the sale of properties by communicating pricing and finding targeted buyers or tenants, according to the BLS. They may also manage a broker’s or company’s general advertising campaigns, including the creation of visual and written content.

Many large real estate firms advertise their available positions on their websites, including those that require no license to work. These positions range from freelance to full-time.

Wholesaling is a hands-on strategy that allows real estate investors to profit from buying and selling properties without owning the actual assets. It is typically a full-time job that requires significant experience in the real estate industry. Being a real estate courier can be an alternative to wholesaling, as it involves delivering important real estate documents to interested parties. This is a good option for those looking to gain some real estate experience but do not want to invest in property.

Real Estate Commissioner

Real estate offers one of the most diverse careers in the business world today. There are roles for everyone from real estate agents to mortgage brokers, home inspectors and appraisers. Some real estate jobs, however, do not require a license.

County tax assessors, for example, are in charge of evaluating and assessing property for tax purposes. They may work with residential, commercial or industrial properties. They may also focus on vacant land, including early development, reuse and site assembly parcels.

Many people don’t realize that they can get a job in real estate without working as an agent or broker. A job as a real estate commissioner, for example, could be very rewarding. A real estate commission is a governing body that deals with the issues and laws affecting the industry. They are in charge of educating and regulating agents. They also vote on matters and enforce the law. This is a career that could provide a variety of benefits, such as security and stability.

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